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About us

About us

Dental Biomaterials Adverse Reaction Unit is organised as a unit in NORCE. The adverse reaction group was established in 1992 by the Norwegian Directorate of Health as a project group under the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Bergen. On January 1, 1999, the group became permanent with funding over the national budget.

The main tasks of the Adverse Reaction Unit

  • Investigation of referred patients
  • Registration and monitoring of adverse reaction reports submitted to the National Adverse Reaction Registry for Dental Biomaterials
  • Information and research on adverse reactions related to dental biomaterials

The Adverse Reaction Unit is affiliated with a council with representatives from the fields of medicine and dentistry.

The Council has the following members:

  • Professor dr. odont. Jon Dahl, Oslo
  • Dr. odont. Sissel Heggdalsvik, Molde
  • Overlege Hilde Kristin Vindenes, Bergen


The Adverse Reaction Group collaborates with various academic communities, both internally in NORCE and externally:

  • Research Unit for General Practice, NORCE
  • Haukeland University Hospital
  • Department of Clinical Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine, UiB
  • Nordic Institute of Dental Materials AS (NIOM as)